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Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution VI



Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution VI

September 30–October 3, 2019

Brasília, Brazil


LMI VI will provide a forum for discussion of pertinent advances in multidisciplinary research on planetary and terrestrial impact cratering, and the effects of this process on target rocks and minerals, as well as its environmental consequences. Remote sensing, geophysical and numerical modeling, geological, geochronological, mineralogical and geochemical, and astrobiological results and implications will be discussed. In addition, the future of impact cratering research, in the broadest sense, will be evaluated.


Pre-Conference Workshops


Two workshops will be presented prior to the conference:


Recognition of Impact Structures and Ejecta Layers on Earth — Shock Metamorphism in Rocks and Minerals – September 28–29 (midday)

This workshop will focus on the study of shock effects in rocks and minerals. All colleagues looking for new impact structures and ejecta layers on Earth are invited to participate.


Advances in EBSD and Geochronology Applied to Shock Deformation and Dating Impacts – September 28–29

This workshop will present contemporary approaches to the study of shock deformation in rocks and minerals.




Brazil boasts a number of confirmed impact structures that, in part, have been very well studied. In order to share this impact heritage with participants, there will be several field excursions prior to and after the conference:


Araguainha Impact Structure:  Two 5-day excursions to the 40 km Araguainha Impact Structure, located ca. 800 km west of Brasília, can be arranged during the week before the conference and directly following the conference.


Vargeão Dome and Vista Alegre Structures:  There are several impact structures in the southern part of the Paraná Basin, including the 12 km wide Vargeão Dome and the 9.5 km Vista Alegre Structure. Both are formed in sandstone and basalt targets. There will be a 5-day excursion to these two structures following the conference. This excursion involves air travel from Brasília to southern Brazil.


IMPORTANT:  Submit your Indication of Interest by April 30, 2019 to propose a special session topic and to continue receiving reminders and other pertinent information related to the conference. A majority of the previous indications of interest in excursions favors pre-conference field trips. In the light of the two pre-conference workshops that are being introduced in this announcement, you may want to consider whether you can participate in a post-conference field trip.


For those of you who already submitted an Indication of Interest please e-mail Uwe Reimold at if you are interested in either pre-conference workshop and if there is a possible change of field trip preference.


Visit the conference website for details about logistics.



For more information, contact:

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Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution VI
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