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Fieldworks in GeoSciEd Congress

GeoSciEd congress and EnsinoGEO symposium will be full of fieldwork opportunities: pre-conference, during-conference and post-conference. The activities will be offered to both national and foreign participants, as well as to students and Brazilian teachers of basic schools. The accumulated experience of previous events indicates that this type of interaction is highly stimulating and promotes the strengthening of long-lasting links of scientific exchange and friendship.

Pre-conference Fieldtrips

  • Geology, landscape, culture and history: Geotourism and education on the coast of São Paulo. Period: 19 to 21/07/2018 (this requires a 2-night stay)
  • Proterozoic deserts and mining in Diamantina (Serra do Espinhaço, Minas Gerais): connections between science, education and history. Period: 19 to 21/07/2018 (this requires a 2-night stay).
  • Geology Field Experiences for Educators in Minas Gerais with Dr. Michael J Passow. BeloHorizonte and Diamantina, Minas Gerais: geoscience, education and history. Period: 14 to 18/07/2018 (this requires a 4-night stay).

During-conference Fieldtrips

[Duration 1 day: 07/27/2018. The registration fee is included in the conference registration fee].

  • Urban Geotourism in São Paulo city
  • Ancient roots of a mountain range resulting from the Brasiliano cycle: the São Roque Group
  • Explaining events of glaciation and volcanism in the region of Campinas-SP
  • A look at the economic history of the State of São Paulo: from the Ibicaba imperial coffee farm to modern ceramic and agroindustrial production.

Post-conference Fieldtrips

  • "Darwin Trails", a scientific, educational and cultural tourist route in cities of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Period: 28 to 01/07/2018 (this requires a 4-night stay)


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