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FAPESP- Post-Doctoral fellowship-IGc- USP-Brazil

Project: “The Neoproterozoic Earth System and the rise of biological complexity”

The late Neoproterozoic is marked by two extreme glacial epochs between 720 and 635 Ma. These glaciations are characterized by low-latitude, glacially influenced marine sediments and bounded by major negative excursions in the carbon isotope composition of seawater. At least one of these glaciations is also associated with a reappearance of banded iron formations (BIF), which may testify to temporary deep ocean anoxia. Although Neoproterozoic successions have been studied worldwide, only those in South China, and more recently in South Namibia have been thoroughly integrated to combine detailed sedimentology, precise geochronology, high-resolution biogeochemical and redox proxies, and paleontology, thus the necessary and sufficient coverage is still lacking to disentangle global from local signals.

The post-doctoral researcher will examine the micropaleontology of Neoproterozoic successions in central and western Brazil, and north and south Namibia as part of the International GRIND project for deep-drilling the Neoproterozoic. These areas were chosen because of their well-established potential for paleoenvironmental studies and associated rich fossil record comprising the Cryogenian to early Cambrian interval. We seek for candidates with an excellent background in Neoproterozoic microfossils.

For proposed working plans please send a CV and research statement (including past work and future plans), with a maximum of five pages, and two letters of recommendation to Applications will be reviewed as received and the search will continue until September 25th, 2017.

The successful candidate will have a fellowship reviewed and awarded by the Sao Paulo State funding agency. Time for research is typically 80-90%.The current, tax exempt monthly stipend is BRL6,819.00. An additional grant (for travel, computers, etc.) of BRL10,000.00 per year and limited payment for moving costs are also available.